Tipping books

Have a look at Chanan de Lange  Israeli artists’ installation – ex libris.

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It is on show at the newly opened Tel Aviv Museum by Preston Scott Cohen.

This was sent to you by Nina Barbuto, spotted on Design Boom.



You should look at the Poetry Foundation building in Chicago by John Ronan Architect opened in June 2011.

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This building is larger than the library in Lawrenceville but has many parallels with its courtyard, library and poetry reading room.  The sophisticated and subtle scheme rewards some study. You will find newspaper reports from Chicago Tribune, Wall Street Journal and video of the architect describing the design process.

Recognition of an Idea in Architecture

Robert Harbison, in his chapter on Ideas in the book, Thirteen Ways, states “An idea is a kind of ordering or pattern-making which can be appreciated most easily in architecture through extreme and concentrated instances where the concept is not recessive, taking its place quietly, but obtrusive.”  He goes on to provide numerous examples of works of architecture and art that illustrate an  “obtrusive concept.”  These encompass the work of noted architects and thinkers such as Ledoux, Eisenmann, Hejduk, Kahn and Libeskind, to name a few.  Read through the chapter, following along with the attached references (courtesy of some of your classmates), and see what you think.

Harbison Reading References / Ideas

Future of Libraries

I came across this article in my Future of the Cities class and found an excerpt on the future of libraries as well as many other social institutions. It speaks about the ruling of technology over physical form. I highly recommend it when thinking about the future of public spaces.






Morning Glory Final Video


Matt Dawson, Manuel Garber, Daniel Gehr, Ellie Hopen, Richard May

O’Toole Studio Group Site Drawings

the BRIDGE, Final

music credit: “The Moon Shifts The Sea  The Sea Shapes The Shore The Shore Shakes The Sand The Sand Sinks The Ship” by A.Armada



a short film highlighting the chronological process of the BRIDGE

music credit: “The Only Moment We Were Alone” by Explosions in the Sky



Members: Kairavi Chahal, Anika Jung, Liz Madigan, Kim McDonald, Robin Wohlforth

Instructor: Nicholas Liadis