Huts, Tents, Shelters

When we first started this project, I was intrigued with the paradox of absolute minimalism and shelter. How little can you provide for something to be enough? Although the parameters of the assignment demand more than a simple concave wooden roof, the notion, nonetheless, was  fascinating. Further research uncovered some of the most amazing pieces of architecture I have seen. Psychologically speaking, the small structures shown in this slideshow are incredibly attractive based on their aesthetic nature and size. Every young child desires to have a miniature house in the backyard. As we grow older, why not still have something beautiful to crawl into? The projects displayed range from various competitions (ie: design a beach house in Britain) and other shelters around the world. The swamp hut, in particular, relates to our project in the sense that is constructed with its structure (2x4s) showing and clearly displays an homage to the basic tent. The beach competition photos remind me of the Canadian skating shelters, just with more of an emphasis on aesthetics. I hope everyone enjoys this work as much as I do.


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