Flickr Site

Just a quick reminder to keep our Flickr alive…

Ask around if you don’t remember the login/password.


ps… also remember the fact that this is a form of our year’s portfolio, so try not to upload pictures that aren’t meaningful, keep this in mind.


One Comment on “Flickr Site”

  1. Kai Gutschow says:

    Thanks for reminding people… We can start by uploading all the photo documentation of the 2×4 exercises.

    Rules for uploading Photos for Fall ’11:
    – Each student should create a new set for Project 1. Title it:
    Lastname Firstname F11 Project 1
    (Please follow this format with the same capitalization & spacing)
    – Then, tag your photographs as follows:
    (Done after uploading photos and clicking “Add a description”)
    lastnamefirstname, f11project1 (stick to this format!)
    – Kai

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