Playing With 2x4s

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Today while playing with 2×4’s we explored creating movement in a static structure. Something that is really unique to this experience is being able to physically test the potential and capabilities of a material. We were amazed at how the spine in our first structure seemed to defy gravity, and that emotion is only possible through doing this exercise. There is no amazement as to the ways a material can work, unless you are actually working with it.

The boundaries of the assignment let us become more creative too. We never would have decided to make these designs if we were allowed to use screws, nails, or other hardware. Where one door closed (our inability to use hardware), another door opened; this project forced us to ingenuity. We discovered that with this constraint, it enabled us to create a form that wouldn’t be possible with hardware.

Do you guys feel the same way about the constraints of the project?

-Sharon, Chris, John, Will, Kevin, Brett


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