Project Mayhem Discussion

“Project Mayhem” by Mark Foster Gage

I took a break from studio work to read the article that Kai sent us, and I just wanted to throw out some quick reactionary thoughts that hopefully others can respond to or even add to.

One main reason why I think architecture isn’t explained or appreciated in a similar fashion as food is because, well, architecture is difficult to critique. I don’t know about most people, but I’ll make a guess and say it’s easy to walk into a space and not know how to talk about it except for maybe say the ceiling feels too low, or it’s too hot, or the paint and materials look cool. The way that an architect might deal with the site or how he/she ingeniously uses a specific material is not always as obvious as noticing that the balance sweetness and saltiness of your tomato bisque is just right. I would compare this difficulty also with art. Personally, I have an extremely hard time critiquing art. Perhaps it’s a lack of exposure or lack of education. So is this what needs to be done with the general public? Do we need to educate the general public? I don’t really know…this is a hard question/topic!

Another thought: This article additionally gives me reason to question our requirement to design a shelter in a way that “fits” with other projects. As Mark Foster Gage says, we are a generation defined by freedoms, and “our new ideas should be free to accelerate unencumbered in wild and unexpected new directions.” Let us throw any and every possible iteration of a shelter to the public and see how they react. Let us give them something new to look at besides rotting yellow brick. Let us ensue mayhem.



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