I came across this video while surfing the interwebs the other day.  I love it for so many reasons.  It’s a beautifully made video but more than that it’s a beautiful statement about craftsmanship and the immense value that it brings to a body of work.  Enjoy!


2 Comments on “Craft”

  1. Dan Sztanga says:

    Thanks for posting this Viny. These old Nissan Skyline GT-Rs are one of my favorite cars and seeing this here made me happy.

    A few weeks ago I was experiencing a problem with my 5th gear. I ended up pulling out the whole transmission (as well as basically half of the other components of the car) and opening it up. My car was up on jack stands for two weeks and all I could do was read my service manuals and internet forums and slowly work on it with my dad. With the transmission sitting cracked open on a table in my garage, actually seeing all the gears and shafts and forks and synchros was really almost mind blowing. No amount of reading and looking at .gif images of transmissions actually helped me understand the inner workings as much as selecting the gears and spinning them by my self. Which leads me to the point behind this comment, if you really love something take the time to explore and get some hands on experience with it. You will find it invaluable. Through the whole process I felt much like the guy in the video. Every day I was tried from work, but I came home, squeezed myself in uncomfortably under the car, and wrenched away. No matter how many times I made my knuckles bleed or how greasy and dirty my hands got, I kept going. I couldn’t stop.

    -Dan Sztanga

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