Moca Museum Building by FOA



A few months ago Farshid Mousavi from Foreign Office Architects came to CMU as part of the lecture series.  The last project she discussed was the new Moca building currently under construction in Cleveland.  Tonight I happened to be driving by and I saw the first bits of the structure going up.  I grabbed some quick shots on my phone for now but if there’s interest I’ll try to get back with my real camera and take some real pictures for you all.

A breif bit of context:
The site looks much smaller in person than it did in the plans Mousavi showed us.  I’m particularily curious to see how they will find space for the park-like area behind the museum.  The area around the museum is looking surprisingly vibrant with interesting residential buildings (with retail on the first floor) being built on either side of the street.  Additionally there is a fairly significant University Hospitals building across the street and an extremely nice section of Case Western Reserve’s campus just down the street.  Little Italy also happens to be a block and a half away as well.  Cleveland’s looking pretty good!  Enjoy!


P.S. – please excuse the quality of my writing this post was composed on my phone.


One Comment on “Moca Museum Building by FOA”

  1. Sharon Rubin says:

    This is so cool that you get to see how it’s constructed! Please take lots of pictures and update us. (:

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