Pittsburgh’s Arts Festival

Not sure how many of you have been to either the Pittsburgh Arts Festival or to one of Pittsburgh’s Gallery Crawls but both provide great exposure to current art.  For those of you who have not, The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust holds a gallery crawl every few months in the Cultural District.  Galleries in the cultural district open their doors for everyone to go and see their current works on display.  The Pittsburgh Arts Festival is basically a gallery crawl on steroids.  Not only are the galleries open for you to explore, but local artists sell their work at tents, live music plays in Point State Park by Fort Pitt, and did I mention some awesome food?!?!

Corrugated Fountain

Corrugated Fountain

Anyways, James Grashow had an exhibition at the 709 Penn Gallery.  He used Rome’s Trevi Fountain as inspiration to create a fountain out of corrugated cardboard.  The many forms he created seemed to utilize many different methods of manipulation that reminded me fondly of this year’s array of cardboard models.  Through a combination of paper-mache, curved one sided cardboard, and overlapping the forms came to life.  The most compelling part of these pieces for me was the strands of hair.  They were curved in such ways to create overlap and seem very fluid.  When I first viewed the image in the catalogue I thought it was card board stacked into blocks and then carved as though with a laser cutter, exactly like our first IDM 2 project.  Rather these seemingly solid forms must have been rather hollow shells.  I think it would have been so much more interesting to build an entire sculpture like that on the laser cutter and to piece it together or even to sculpt out of cardboard like that.  Once could really have fun utilizing the corrugation ability to “disappear” when staked in the same direction to create some interesting effects.  Anyways, I find it interesting that he will be hopefully ending this instillation with a final instillation out in nature to see how weather and the environment will affect the fountain.



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