A note from a CMU Arch 2013 student

Congratulations CMU Arch class of 2015! You have now finished your first year of architecture school.

What are you doing with your time now?

Now that the semester is over, I’m finding that I have time to catch up on some great blogs, such as fyeahtattoos.com and textsfromlastnight.com to name a few. =P …And your blog! But seriously, I try to keep up with not only my own year’s blog, but also that of the Class of 2014 and I finally realized I should check yours out as well. I’m very impressed by your enthusiasm, curiosity, and audacity toward architecture. I’m über proud of you all, not only for finishing your first year but also for exploring architecture and getting out of it what you personally put into it.

I remember thinking at the end of my first year “what now?” as I was in full speed throughout the semester and found myself with a lack of activity at the end of it. I’m finally figuring out what the “what now” is. I took a quick trip to Toronto over the weekend and saw SO much while I was there; I sped through about 25 galleries and museums while there. Unfortunately, I remembered to charge my camera but forgot to clear my memory card so I have little to show for my trip… just a tip for future trips you take. Take advantage of your summers and travel as much as you can because you all know it’s so easy during the semester to say to yourself “I have too much work to leave for the weekend”.

Another small piece of advice: take advantage of others who have gained experience in architecture school and go ahead and use upper-years as the rich resources that we are. If you have questions or curiosity that strikes you, just ask.

Back to your blog. I’m impressed with the frequency of your posts. I’m glad that you’re not putting architecture out of your minds now that summer has begun. While the intensity of school has ceased, I hope that you’ll take this time to reflect on the past semester and year, and begin to think about future semesters.

So now, let me ask you some things that have been on my mind. Where do you go from here? What do you hope to gain from this summer, both educationally and personally? Do you have questions left unanswered from this semester? Have you had any epiphanies since this semester ended? I know I’m thinking well ahead, but what do you hope to gain from next semester? Are there topics or styles or architectural building types you personally hope to explore more? I hope to get a better sense of what each of you is thinking and your collective impression of architecture thus far.

At the end of the summer, I hope to learn what has been on your mind over the summer, if you’ve put your efforts over the summer to physically making anything, and if you miss interacting with other architecture students and professionals.

Have a relaxing summer and take the time to catch up on the things you miss most during the academic year (this includes tons of sleep =). Oh, and check out our blog: cmuarch2013.wordpress.com – posts are waning, but there’s some great content there.



One Comment on “A note from a CMU Arch 2013 student”

  1. Kai Gutschow says:

    Please sign your name to the end of every post, so we can have a conversation, amongst colleagues.

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