Trip to San Francisco Pt. II

Today, I went out to San Francisco for an interview with a small firm called J. Weiss Design. (A quick and fun story behind this firm, one of the women who works there – is she called a parter? I’m not sure – had Jeremy Ficca as her professor when she went to NC State for graduate school!) Only a couple of people went to Don’s interview presentation last Wednesday, but I would say that it helped me a lot in terms of getting myself into the mindset for the interview and being prepared. The interview went really well, and I’ll get a yes or no in the near future depending on what their workload looks like. Although one thing that I wasn’t prepared for was when one of the women interviewing me asked me how much I asked for. It was really strange – I’ve never been asked that question, and I really didn’t know how to answer it. I said just as long as I don’t have to pay to go to work (public transportation to SF is about $11.10 for a round trip from where I live) I would be fine with anything. Which leads me to a question – how much do interns normally get paid? Just curious. Here’s a photo of a page from my portfolio that I showed them:

Sorry for the poor webcam quality. There’s also a blurb in the corner describing the project. However, if you’re planning on making your portfolio, you don’t have to go too into depth for the blurb, you end up talking about the project anyway.

After the interview, I grabbed lunch at Boudin which has the best sourdough bread EVER. Yes, it’s so good it merits being italicized and bolded.

Clam chowder and sourdough – yum!

Nice brick detail/texture

I love this view from the second floor eating area.

After lunch, I went to search for a bookstore that Phil (second year) told me about called William Stout Architectural Books. They have three locations: two in San Francisco and one in Berkeley. I decided to go to the larger bookstore of the two in San Francisco which was a further walk, but I had time to kill. On my way there, I walked past the iconic Transamerica Pyramid of San Francisco.

It was such a nice day!

I love the perspective of the building from the ground.

I finally get to William Stout which was on this very cute street with some other artsy looking buildings which I think I’ll peek into the next time I’m in the city. Looking through the books was a lot of fun, and I even saw a book from which Jeremy Ficca gave us an extra-credit reading from (Animate Forms). I also found a digital fabrication book that had published one of his projects too! It never ceases to amaze me how small the design world can be. However, I ended up running into this book,

and with the latest review still on my mind, I just had to grab it. I’m finishing up the Fountainhead, (always a must read with beginning architecture students) which I’ll probably write a post on, but I can’t wait to read this book and write some of my thoughts on it.



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