Life of an Architect

I came across this really interesting blog today called Life of an Architect. The creator, Bob Borson, had his own list of “you know you’re an architect when…” that I feel we can all relate to.



One Comment on “Life of an Architect”

  1. Kai Gutschow says:

    Thanks for continuing to post, even as the busy transition to summer begins. Keep it up!
    This is a nice blog. I had not seen it before. There’s an interesting post on “What is Creativity?” that also links to lots of other architects who have pondered that. There’s also some nice photos of trips he took to Spain, and even to the work of Marlon Blackwell in Arkansas, amazing work. Then a post on shutters on houses, what’s mostly wrong with them… All good stuff.
    Also good is to think about the tone: this is a young architect trying to get work. He’s a “Young Architect of the Year” in Dallas, and likely writes this at least as much so clients can see how he thinks. This is not a “I like…” or “I want to do” this kind of thing, it is a sales pitch to clients who want a house or other small project from a young, modern architect. It’s real, and an approach we ought to think about even in school.
    Keep posting, keep thinking, start reading books as well as blogs!

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