SAC Update

Here is an update on this month’s April SAC Meeting:

  • The Spring Lecture Series videos will be uploaded and available for download on iTunesU sometime in the future.
  • If you haven’t checked it out already, there is a gallery of student work on the SoArch website.
  • This then leads to documentation: IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU SUBMIT BOTH FALL 2010 AND SPRING 2011 DOCUMENTATION TO THE ARCHPCSERVER. Otherwise you won’t receive a grade for studio – documentation is due by May 9th
  • All studio crit rooms must be clean by April 29

For the future, if I’m elected as a representative for SAC again, I’ll try to figure out how to get an anonymous suggestion box on this blog, so students can submit concerns and suggestions for curriculum, facilities, and computing.

Another note: If there is an issue with any computer, printer, or plotter, know that you can send an email to You don’t have to wait to tell a SAC member to bring it up at a monthly meeting. Additionally, if there is something wrong with the facilities, such as lights, you can email Kristen Frambes at



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