New Date for Studio Final

IMPORTANT: Studio Clean-up Final Day is MANDATORY. We will be there and take attendance. I have been authorized by Steve Lee that anyone NOT attending will not receive a final grade and risk not moving on to 2nd year. So choose your date carefully.


Just to fill you guys in, on the spring final schedule, our studio clean up final is scheduled to be on May 10 (Tuesday) 8:30am-11:30am. We are given the option to change this to an earlier date, but we need a consensus. On the poll below, please vote (only once) on the date for which you would like the studio clean up final to be changed to. Please vote by April 6th (Wednesday) 11:59pm. The poll will close and whatever has the majority vote will be the new date, so be sure to vote!

Note: The physics test is still subject to change. If the date for the test is pushed earlier, there will be another re-vote, but for now, please vote anyway.


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