Vontz Center for Molecular Studies

Curvy Brick Walls

Brick facades that begin to curve–it’ has to be a Frank Gehry building. When we came to Ohio on our Architectural adventure, we had already seen pages upon pages of photos and drawings of the Vontz Center, but that was it.



 Though we had seen so many images of the exterior, what was inside? What was the context of the building in relation to its landscape?  As we drove by we were able to see that the building was on a hill that we could not see from the photographs.

 From the exterior we were able to see that there were more spacial complexities than we had imagined. Our visit to the Gehry building at Case Western taught us that the interior was going to be much more complex than the exterior may suggest. Though the interior still remains a mystery for us, the Vontz Center for Molecular Studies seems to carry the classic Gehry theme and program; manipulation of traditional form on the exterior and never being able to know what to expect the interior. 

Zach Bauer, Liz Madigan, Jasmine Sohn


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