Peter B. Lewis Building

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Although we researched the building beforehand, visiting Frank Gehry’s Peter Lewis building and being able to talk with the architect who helped Gehry create the building gave us insight into the process, intent and theme of the structure that we never would have gotten from picture books and drawings. One of our main revelations is that the building is just as complex on the inside as it is on the outside and that Gehry used the exterior planes to form the inside ones. The complexity of the inside exposed one of our errors in research in which we focused on the exterior of the building, forgetting about the inside which could be seen as even more complex and important.
The interior curving planes and the narrow walkways are meant to create a focus on the spatial experience of journeying through the building as opposed to seeing the building or the structure as an object. The use of natural light on both the interior and the exterior was another aspect of the building which we only realized while on site. Through the use of skylights, Gehry uses natural light to brighten the inside spaces and strategically places these skylights to create gradation on the curving
inner walls. Gehry also purposely chooses stainless steel as one of his materials for the curving exterior walls to reflect the sunlight. With skylights and reflective exterior walls, the Peter Lewis building changes with its environment and creates a constantly changing and original space.

In conclusion, being able to on site gave us a deeper understanding of architecture.

Stephanie Gill, Yasmin Venema, Sun Bin Yim


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