Yet another Zaha Hadid post

Before arriving at the site, our expectations were that the building would hold large interior spaces, specifically in the galleries, and that you would be able to experience the elements of glass on the front façade from the interior. However, after we explored the interior spaces we realized that spaces were very confined and independent from the façade. At the same time, we found other elements of the building intriguing. The staircase creates a dynamic connection between the galleries. Upon entering the building and walking up the stairs, every angle sparked curiosity for us to continue upwards. The contrast of the white gallery spaces with the black color of the stairs gave the feeling of movement and connection. Another set of contrasts exists between the materials. Concrete, metal and glass all overlap to make each space. These materials also begin to exist as both the structure and skin. For example the concrete forms the structure of the curved back wall, as well as the skin of many geometric forms on front and side elevations.

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Vishaal Dokras, Hannah Schmitt, Liz Mannarino


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