Wary About Gehry – University of Toledo Center for the Visual Arts

Our building of choice was the University of Toledo Center for the Visual Arts Building by Frank Gehry.  At first glance, we didn’t expect the building to be the works of Frank Gehry.  Unlike his other buildings, which give off  more organic and light qualities, the Visual Arts Center  seemed to be very geometric in form and very heavy.  But once we got to the building we started to recognize some “Gehry” qualities to the building. Like the brick and steel at the Peter B. Lewis Building at Case Western , we noticed the sharp contrast between the heavy concrete that is the main form of the building and the light, translucent qualities of the glass paneling. We also all seemed to agree on one thing about the Visual Arts Center:  It’s a lot like the Mona Lisa. When you see it in pictures, you expect it to be large and magnificent, but in reality it’s quite small. If you look at it’s surrounding building , like the Glass Pavillion and the Toledo Art Museum, the Gehry building quite a bit smaller than the other two.

– Richa Date, Jillian Sabella , Katherine Duerr

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