University of Cincinnati Recreation Center

Before visiting our building we had read about  how this building is made up of different compartments of function that are placed at different elevations. We found this to be true when exploring the facility. We found these spacial compartments exhilarating and we liked how the weight training space was shaped with a clear axis towards the sunken basketball courts. This axis was created by the angular dipped roof. The scale of this place was bewildering and awesome, but the size of the basketball courts vertically might of been too high and impractical.  Also the pathway down to the courts and  to the pool was bland, narrow and unimaginative compared to the experience of traveling upward to the weight training room and using any of the training facilities. The idea of moving down ward to get to the pool was appreciated though because it made us feel like we were going into an underground pool even though the ground plane was just above.  All in all it greatly exceeded our expectations and made the UC at CMU look like a midget.

Sam Friedlander, Dan Gehr, Yoon H.

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