Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati, OH

 Contemporary Arts Center

Architect: Zaha Hadid

     The Contemporary Arts Center (CAC) in Cincinnati, Ohio is a six-storied building. Externally, it appears to be made up of several blocks of assorted sizes, which do not give any indication as to what may be inside. Upon exploring the building, you don’t see much correlation between the external facade and the floors. However, you can still make out the where the blocks are from the inside.

     As you enter the building, you are immediately drawn toward the gently sloping staircase and the ‘quarter-pipe’ wall at the far end. As you walk up, you realize the CAC  is layed out around the stairs. Each landing looks out on the street and each flight builds up to the view by stretching the walk up out. It is an easy building to navigate and it’s floor plan makes it hard to miss any of the exhibits.


-Kairavi Chahal, Madeleine Robson, Ali Torres


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