Akron Art Museum – Coop Himmelblau

From pictures and scans, we were most impressed with the building’s ability to challenge our understanding of simple principles of physics.  After all, the structure appears to have a main core made entirely of glass, with a series of heavy-looking cantilevers extending out and over sidewalks, the building itself, and nearby buildings.  From the lobby, we were most impressed by the complex latticework which holds the glass panels and helps to subdivide the otherwise open space.  Additionally, details such as the stair construction intrigued us.  For example, instead of a solid concrete flight of stairs, each tread was cast concrete slab bolted to a steel carriage. Ultimately, we found the building to be smaller than we expected and were therefore more focused on and impressed by the fine details of the structure.

-Marshall Knutson, Joel McCullough


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