Campus Recreation Center

When we first looked at the picture of the gym and track space in Rec Center at University of Cincinnati, we were struck by the sheer scale of the building and the masses inside.  Even though there were no people to use as scale figures in the image, we assumed that they would be dwarfed by the size of the basketball court and the masses protruding from the roof.  We also noticed the lighting and color choice by the architect – the ceiling and walls were dark blues and greys, whereas the area immediately surrounding the court and the court itself were white and light wood.  A misconception we had was that the large ovals of light were simply larger lights; we were pleased to realize that they were skylights punched through the Rec Center roof.   This effect goes a long way in lifting the heavy feeling associated with the overbearing, dark mass of the ceiling that we initially perceived from the image.  Thanks to the apertures in the ceiling and the large curtain glass windows, the space inside is actually very bright and a pleasant space to occupy that serves its purpose well.



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