My Trip to San Francisco

So in an attempt to make my spring break productive, I went on a little trip to San Francisco to visit some firms and ask about internship opportunities. Needless to say, I got a little sidetracked and took a break to check out the Contemporary Jewish Museum (somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit but somehow never made the time to go to). If anyone finds themselves in San Francisco, I highly recommend checking out this space in addition to the Museum of Modern Art and the Yerba Buena Garden (just right across the street from the Contemporary Jewish Museum).

The Contemporary Jewish Museum was founded in 1984 and was then relocated to the Yerba Buena district in 2008 and designed by architect Daniel Libeskind. What’s really interesting is the use of an original gas and electric substation and how the new form of steel intersects through it. During an architectural tour, I learned that the blue steel form is an abstraction of the hebrew word for life. I love the attention to details in the building: the way it intersects through the brick building, the selection of color, the form, and the number of windows.

Apparently, in Judaism, the number 18 is related to the word life. Originally this rhombus form that you see in the picture above (which I took hehe) had 18 windows, but the number of windows did not provide enough light. So! Daniel Libeskind doubled the number to 36 – thus double life!

Check out the interior spaces too:

These forms are also abstractions of the hebrew letters (פרדס) that spell out “pardes,” meaning orchard. Another great detail to notice is that the form of the letters continues onto the floor.

Here is inside that large rhombus. Another great detail is that all the windows are of the same dimension but because of how they are recessed, they all look like they are different sizes.

Oh and check out this cute car!

And that concludes my trip! Hope everyone is still enjoying their break!



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