These Stairs Are Not From Ikea


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One theme that we’ve keep coming back to this semester is the importance of deeply integrating all elements of your design.  Beginning with the pavilion project we looked at how projects in which the shelves and stairs were designed in mesh with the design of the structure were the most successful.  These stairs are clearly a prime example of this idea.  Designed by Atmos Studio the stairs seems to grow right out of the floor and walls.  Wood stems out of the floor on the surface of the walls, peeling off to form stairs and railings.  The risers are finished in a white that matches the walls.  In addition to material similarities the curving elements in the railing and the treads of the stairs them selves relate to the other forms in the house such as the shape of the walls, the bathroom door, and even the paneling on some of the walls.  Check out DesignBoom for more info.



One Comment on “These Stairs Are Not From Ikea”

  1. JohnTSwan says:

    Very art nouveau (I suggest recalling Victor Horta’s Tassel House). I’d like to see images of the rest of the project (but sadly can only find ones of the stairs) to see if the stairs actualyl fit into some overall formal and/or spacial language of the house. Granted they aren’t “ikea stairs” in that they aren’t representative of the Swedish deisgn style that marks most of ikea’s furniture and products, and the living rooms of low-budget designers. However I feel that this particular style of design is not what Pablo and Dora Epstein-Jones hinted towards in the discussion of our libraries. It was more of a point that one can’t take the easy route out in the designing of the stairs or any built in furniture within a project. That is, the language of the project must be communicated in all parts. Otherwise the “ikea” parts would stand out (in a bad way) as they are informed by a set of rules not apropos of the composition and thus look “tacked on” or “store bought.”

    Nevertheless, this is a definite example of some juicy stairporn (^0^)

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