The App That Saved My Sanity

I’m a Mac.  I’ve been a mac for years.  So when I first ran BootCamp I was horrified to find that the COMMAND key I had grown so accustom to was now replaced by the CTL key in all of my keyboard shortcuts.  The Apple keyboard just isn’t set up for this and it makes it very hard to maintain a workflow.  Anyway, driven by rage, sadness and desperation I scoured the web and came across SharpKeys.  SharpKeys is a great little app that lets you port one key to another.  Basically, it gave me back my COMMAND key and my sanity.  Below I’ve posted a link to instructions on how you too can fix this aggravating keyboard catastrophe!  Enjoy.



UPDATE: For those of you attempting to use Rhinoceros 4 on the PC side of your Mac you may find that the delete key doesn’t delete things.  That is because on the PC side it’s a backspace key.  To delete things you need to press fn + delete.  Of course you can always reassign this hotkey to the right command button using SharpKeys as well.


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