It was a new form of expression for me. Instead of painting something the idea was to reproduce the paintings that I loved so much in miniature. I didn’t know how to do it. I thought of a book, but I didn’t like that idea. Then I thought of the idea of the box in which all my works would be mounted like a small museum, a portable museum, so to speak, and here it is in this valise.” –Marcel Duchamp, speaking about his Boîte-en-Valise, 1955

Marcel Duchamp, Boîte-en-Valise, first series from 1936-40, additional variations produced between 1958-68



GIVEN: Your reductions of semester 1 & 2 work:

1. Fall Drawing class drawing [reduced to 4”x6”]

2. Fall Studio Final Model [reduced to 1/4 original size]

3. IDM Self-Portrait Head [original size]

4. IDM II Laser-cut Cardboard model [reduced to 3” long]

5. Spring Studio Project 1 Final Model [Either 1-1/2” OR 1/2″ model, reduced to fit within a 4” cube]

6. One (1) Fall Studio drawing of your choice. [reduced to 4”x6”]

7. Space for a future model or drawing no larger than 4” cube

DELIVER: A box for storage and display of the above items. (Full details on Blackboard for enrolled students)

*With respect to Marcel Duchamp; his was a Box-in-a-Valise, this project is a Box AND a Valise. Students must make a portable unfolding box that is both the carrying case and the display mechanism.


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