GIVEN: Video clip of a dance performance (randomly assigned, see below).

DELIVER: A single physical model outlining the entire three-dimensional space formed by the dancer(s). This should be a complete tracing of the dancer’s path, body, appendages, props, costumes, etc. When completed, the model will be of such fidelity that slices taken at any point will reveal the dancer in a single position (overlaps notwithstanding). When analyzing your video, ignore camera movements and track the dancer’s relative position on the floor and not to the camera frame. Model all dancers in the scene as a single composition.

Your final model will fit into a 30”x30” plan square, but do not make a base for the model. Height is as proportionally required.

You will be evaluated on the fidelity of reproduction. This is not an “interpretive” assignment. It is a “translation” assignment. Use whatever translation material you need to convert temporal 2D into spatial 3D.

Dance Videos:

For reference, consider the following:

Harold Edgerton (1903-1990) [Image Archive here]:

Squash, c.1939

Lacrosse, c. 1939

Martha Graham, Lamentation (1930):

Geoffrey Mann:

Geoffrey Mann, Flight Take Off, 2007

Pablo Garcia/POiNT:

Profilograph (after Muybridge), 2008

Profilograph (after Muybridge), 2008

Profilograph (after Muybridge), 2008, Bronze



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