To see is to forget the name of the thing one sees.*

Jargon is plentiful in creative fields. Some who fancy themselves clever revel in catchy phrases that do not mean much other than word play or false intellect. “Organized chaos” is a favorite phrase among those who teach creative content, but it is a nonsense phrase. It assumes a predetermined or omniscient master in control of the mess others cannot decode. Our Studio may look like Organized Chaos:

But there is nothing “organized” in its appearance or underlying conception. Students and faculty alike are in the act of discovery, which resists any hope of “organization”. Chaotic? Perhaps. But what you see does not fit the model of predetermination, intentionality, or authorship. As Jacques Lacan explains, labeling and associating language with experience and objects removes us from the real, the instinctive and direct interaction with the world. So don’t call what you see in the studio anything in words–it will veil the act of discovery.

*Paul Valéry


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